Why Breast Screening – Benefit of Early Detection and Diagnosis

The world can feel upside down if one suffers from breast cancer; most prevalent in women…..On an average, 1 out of 12 women in Singapore gets frequently diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Out-and-out it can be because of age or any other factor…..that comes out to be the second leading cause of death from cancer in women after skin cancer. Fortunately, you will be relieved to know that breast cancer is very treatable- “if detected early”.

The general approach to evaluate is off-course screening at the first place if you feel frequent breast pains. Although it does not completely guarantee to prevent breast cancer, but can help find it early, when it can be easier to treat it. It is heartening that troublesome conditions for instance lumps, pain, infection, soreness can be treated with the expertise of a specialist. Consultation with the best breast cancer specialist in Singapore can help to address the concerns.

Early detection by the help of screening remains the primary defense for the prevention of breast cancer. The modalities while screening includes Mammography (X-Ray pictures to detect breast cancer), MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging to screen those who have a high risk of breast cancer), Breast-self and clinical breast examination. You can have a word with a health care provider; specifically a breast cancer specialist in Singapore to select the best screening option.

Various hospitals and clinics provide breast cancer screening facilities in Singapore. Hospitals provide top-of-the healthcare facilities and treatment options. Well-equipped technology and the best of the breast cancer screening facility in Singapore offer trust and credibility with world-class service in detecting and treating breast cancer. Here in Singapore, you can find the best Breast cancer specialist too to help answer your questions- which test is right for you?… when you should have them!!

All in all it is unfortunate to suffer from breast cancer but fortunately from the consultations to diagnoses to procedures up to emotional support you can rely on the best of the specialists for breast cancer in Singapore. Paramount clinics provide a huge variety of breast cancer screening in Singapore from moderate to high level which ensures you to have a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans.