When to Get Breast Cancer Screening done!!

Is someone close to you fighting breast cancer? Or maybe it is you who is just diagnosed with breast cancer. Either of the scenarios can be frightening for you. On an average 1 out of 12 women in Singapore get diagnosed with breast cancer….it sounds intimidating right.

Therefore to make it more manageable, we provide the right information to you:

The risk of breast cancer mostly increases in the age group of 30-40…you might sometimes feel painless lumping of breast or swelling/bumps in armpits, So do pay attention to it and get screened!! That said, we suggest consulting the expert or specifically an oncologist. In fact, there are many breast cancer specialists in Singapore that provide breast cancer screening facilities to catch the possibility of cancer in early stages.

To begin with it is the Mammography- most breast cancers can be picked up in mammography; if going for screening. An Oncologist believes in its ability to detect the breast cancer at an early stage. But what if mammography also not useful? Here we recommend to go for a Breast MRI, As they outperform other screening tests…..When mammography tends to perform less well there MRIs can be useful to detect the potential concern.

Singapore have well equipped technology to screen the patients, also breast cancer specialist in Singapore are experienced as well. Top of the healthcare equipment are used for breast cancer screening in Singapore for the best results. Hence more quality service offered.

Other than above screening modalities also includes breast exam, tissue sampling and thermography. Paramount clinics provide a huge variety of breast cancer screening in Singapore from moderate to high level which ensures you to have comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plans.

All said and done breast cancer is surely a life-threatening condition but you should also know that breast cancer is potentially curable too!! Only if it gets detected early. It is also possible that most changes in the area around breast are not always related to cancer but it is important to approach the best breast cancer specialist around to be on safe side. Patients can therefore have better chances of long survival if diagnosed properly.