Warning Signs of Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Singapore is known for its medical tourism. People from all corners of the world flock down to Singapore to get treatment from the best experts in the world. One such expert is the breast cancer specialists in Singapore which are approached by patients from different nations. These breast cancer specialists in Singapore have the required experience, knowledge, and technical know-how to treat any stage of breast cancer; and also, have had success in dealing with complex cases.

Before approaching a breast cancer specialist in Singapore, one should have basic knowledge about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer at different stages; these are mentioned herein below:
  • It all starts with a lump in the breast or the underarm of the patient, which is diagnosed through a mammogram.
  • Swelling near the collar bone or the armpit could mean that cancer has reached the lymph nodes in that area. This happens usually before the lump formation.
  • Pain and tenderness are caused due to these lumps, which should not be ignored.
  • A flat or indented area might appear on the breast which could be due to a tumor that is not felt.
  • Change in the breast shape or nipple shape also indicates the initialization of breast cancer.
  • Nipple discharge or marble-like area being seen which is different from the skin would also indicate a cancer-like condition.

The above-mentioned symptoms should not be ignored by the individual, and timely consultation should be done with the doctor. Just like different symptoms, different treatments are also provided to the patient depending upon the stage of cancer. These treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, combination therapy, and targeted therapy.

Get yourself treated by the best breast cancer specialist in Singapore and lead a healthy life thereafter.