Ultrasound Breast Screening

About health, it is always said that the treatment of the ailment comes after a timely diagnosis! If the individual gets the diagnosis done on time and with the proper technology, half of the battle is already won. Breasts-related ailments also count in the same category, which when diagnosed within the stipulated time can make the treatment more effective and efficient. Ultrasound breast screening is one such diagnosis method for breasts related issues which include mainly cysts, which might even lead to cancer if left unattended.

Ultrasound breast screening has become quite popular these days with more and more women getting aware of the various breasts related issues. The screening is done for women aged 40 years and above. And this is done to detect cancer-like conditions way before the symptoms start to show. The whole cancer growth starts with just a small lump, which might even be grain-sized. But there are many types of lumps, many of which are not cancerous. The process also includes a mammogram, which is nothing but a breast X-Ray image, and many times lumps are visible in this only. But in cases where there is a high risk of cancer, a further step of ultrasound is recommended.

Many women were able to fight away cancer at the right time due to the timely detection of the same and took the required action before things started falling out of control. Therefore, it is also recommended that any woman aged above 40 years should go for regular ultrasound breast screening at least once every year so that any minute lump can be tested. One should never ignore any slightest pain or change in the shape of their breasts, and should quickly go for the diagnosis. Even the technology for ultrasound breast screening is available in almost every city and can be easily accessed by all.