Treating Breast Cancer with Surgery

There are different types of breast lumps, and despite many being non-cancerous sometimes there is a dire need for surgery. Usually when the lump is big, and is causing various problems, or when the lump might be the start of cancer; the surgery is advised by the experts.

Surgery for breast cancer treatment is done due to any of the below-listed reasons:

  1. Relieve the symptoms of advanced cancer
  2. Remove as much cancer as possible; this procedure is called mastectomy, which is breast-conserving surgery.
  3. To examine whether cancer has spread across the lymph nodes under the arm.
  4. Restore the shape of the breast after the cancer is removed. Usually, in most cases it happens that the shape of the breasts is destroyed after the cancer removal process, therefore with surgery, these are brought back to shape.

When we talk about a particular surgery for breast cancer treatment where the main aim is to remove cancer from the body or a part of the breast is removed which contains the cancerous tissues, this procedure is called the breast-conserving process. But in many cases when the cancer cells have already been well-spread doctors remove the entire breast of the patient, this procedure is called mastectomy.

As enunciated above, surgery for breast cancer treatment is also done to relieve symptoms of advanced cancer. Through this process, the spread of cancer to other parts of the body might not be stopped, but the process could slow down the rate of the spread. The surgery for breast cancer treatment is done for treating the advanced cancer due to the below-listed issues faced by the patient:

  1. When an area of the cancer spread is pressing on the backbone.
  2. The cancer is extremely painful
  3. When the tumour leads to an open wound on the breast.