Scanning at the right time!

Singapore has long been the center of some of the world’s best medical professionals, and people from all over the world come here for treatment regarding various ailments. Breasts-related issues are yet another medical field for which Singapore is famous. Here there are many hospitals and clinics which have the best technology for Ultrasound breast screening, and other tests.

Ultrasound breast screening in Singapore came to the limelight when the rate of breast-related issues started to increase, and a time came when in every 12 women 1 had some of the other breast-related ailment. But there are still many women who do not know what the use of this ultrasound screening is? And therefore, it is vital to spread awareness for the same.

When talking specifically for Singapore, ultrasound breast screening is done for women aged 40 years and above. And this is done to detect cancer-like conditions way before the symptoms start to show. The whole cancer growth starts with just a small lump, which might even be grain-sized. But there are many types of lumps, many of which are not cancerous.

Through ultrasound breast screening in Singapore, one would get to know the type and category of the lump, and whether surgery is required or not, and also if it’s cancerous or not. The process also includes a mammogram, which is nothing but a breast X-Ray image, and many times lumps are visible in this only. But in cases where there is a high risk of cancer, a further step of ultrasound is recommended.

Many women have fought with breast cancer just because they had been diagnosed way before things started falling out of hand, and all this was just possible because of ultrasound screening technology.

Stay updated about your body, and stay safe!

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