Mammogram Screening In Singapore

Mammogram screening is one step ahead of ultrasound breast screening which aims at getting the X-ray done of the breasts to detect any cancer type conditions. The condition starts with the formation of small lumps and in some cases converts into cancerous lumps in the future. With increased awareness about the breasts related issues and breast cancer, mammogram screening has also become quite popular. In big cities like Singapore, mammogram screening is available with almost every gynecologist and also with the latest machines and technology.

These days it will not be wrong to say that these days mammogram screening in Singapore is as accessible as any other blood test facility.

But with so many clinics and doctors to go for, an individual should keep some aspects into consideration when choosing the one she wants to go with:
  • The clinic or the doctor should have the required permission to deal in such tests which include ultra radiations. These types of screenings require permissions which not every doctor can practice.
  • The technology and the machines used for mammogram screening should be up to the standards set by the government. Any degradation in the quality of these machines and mishandling of the ultraviolet radiations might even cost a patient her life.
  • The doctor or the clinic should follow the required protocol and precautions when it comes to mammogram screening. Proper safety and cleanliness should be kept into consideration while doing the screening. Protective gear must also be worn by both the doctor and the patient during the whole procedure.
  • The patient should also be informed well in advance about any side effects which this procedure might have. Many clinics also prefer uploading the same on their websites so that the patient can go through the same before finalizing the appointment.

Ensure good health and timely diagnosis with mammogram screening in Singapore.