How Can Breast Lumps Be Treated Without Surgery?

Any woman would jump out of her skin when experiencing any lump sort of formation near the breast area. The first thought which strikes one’s mind is that it might be breast cancer! But many individuals are oblivious of the fact that not all lumps are cancerous. There are multiple types of lumps with different shapes, sizes, and characteristics that might form in or around the breast area; but out of these many are non-cancerous. But then also any lady when facing such predicament should not waste time and get the lump checked through a mammography procedure for full surety.

These days the technology has become so advanced, and medical science has reached such great heights in terms of innovation that breast lump treatment without surgery is now a reality. Earlier in the days when any woman had to get her breast lump removed she had no other option but to go through traumatic surgery and also face the risks involved in the same. But now breast lump treatment without surgery has brought a new ray of hope for all these ladies.

Cryoablation treatment is the new procedure through which the lump is frozen to death so that it can be replaced by healthy tissues. This procedure of breast lump treatment without surgery takes less than 30 minutes, ensures fast recovery for the patient, and leaves a small scar on the breast; unlike in surgery which is a long procedure and often leads to a deformed breast afterwards.

During the cryoablation treatment, a freezing probe is inserted in the breast onto the lump, after scanning through ultrasound imaging. When the probe hits the right spot pressurized argon gas is injected into the lump with the help of the probe; freezing the tissue. Later on in the natural healing process, the body reabsorbs the dead cells and replaces them with healthy tissues.