How Breast Cancer can be screened?

It is indeed important that women make an informed decision to get diagnosed and screened; if they feel frequent pain in the breast. In fact, there are many ways of approaching breast screening and because there are so many ways and technologies; people get confused often.

Therefore, we list down some standard methods for breast cancer screening to ease out the confusion:
  • The first standard method is mammography – mammography is unlikely the best method to screen breast cancer in the earliest stage. Cancer that is too small can be detected by mammography. Detecting the smallest cancer and that too at an early stage can help to cure and treat it well. There are paramount clinics in Singapore that provide effective breast cancer screening from moderate to a high level which ensures you to have a comprehensive diagnosis and screening.
  • Another way of looking for breast cancer is with ultrasound. Although mammography can find many breast cancers, sometimes it can’t trace some other breast cancers. It happens many times that mammograms don’t give 100% accuracy in screening. So, here we need an ultrasound to detect any abnormalities in the breast. Ultrasound uses high-frequency waves to detect and assess the size and shape of breast lumps. It helps to find out if the abnormality is solid (cancer) or fluid-filled (just a cyst).
    The only drawback of ultrasound is that it can’t determine whether that solid lump is actually cancerous or not.
  • Now, there is another way to screen and diagnose the breast besides mammography and ultrasound. That one is MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). It uses strong magnets to look through the breast tissues. This helps to show little cancers if possible, that can’t be seen any other way by mammograms or ultrasound. MRI is much more sensitive and captures multiple images which give much detailed information.

All said and done breast cancer is surely a life-threatening condition but you should also know that breast cancer is potentially curable too but only if it gets detected early. Selecting the best breast cancer screening facility and the right method for screening can be therefore helpful to detect and treat breast cancer.