Breast Lump Removal in Singapore

Breast Lump Excision or Breast Lump Removal in Singapore

This procedure refers to the removal of a lump in your breast. It is also called an  excisional breast biopsy.

In most cases breast lump removal is usually done as a day surgery procedure.

Do You Need To Remove Breast Lumps All The Time?

The answer is no. Most lumps do not need to be removed.Your doctor will assess which lumps are safe to be left alone and which ones need to be removed.

What about the lumps that I can’t feel but are seen on ultrasound?

Lumps that can’t be felt may be localised by methods such as a hookwire. The localization may be guided by ultrasound, mammogram or MRI visualization.

Anesthesia for Breast Lump Surgery

  • The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia.
  • You need to be fasted at least 6 hours before the surgery. This means no food or drink, including water.
  • You will be asleep during the procedure.

The excision of a lump usually takes about an hour to complete. After resting for a few hours post procedure, and when deemed safe, you may return home the same day.

Let us walk you through this Breast Lump Operation:

  • Your surgeon will make a cut on the breast to take out the lump
  • Where possible the cut will be placed in positions that are less visible to the eye.
  • After the lump is removed, stiches are used to close your skin. These usually dissolve later on and do not have to be removed manually.

The Risks of Breast Lump Surgery

  • This is a low risk procedure
  • The main risks are bleeding and infection, which rarely occur

What you can expect after the Excision of Lumps?

  • You will feel some soreness at the site of the surgery for a few days, this will gradually improve
  • It will be good to wear a comfortable and supportive bra
  • The surgical site will feel firm after a few weeks and this may last for a few months

Remember, most breast lumps are not cancerous. Do not be overly worried if your doctor suggests an operation.

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