Breast Lump Removal

A lump in the breast is quite common in adult females. The presence of a lump does not indicate the presence of cancer in a patient. Most lumps are non-cancerous and can be removed. It is only through a biopsy and scanning can it be known if a lump is cancerous.

It is always best to consult a medical professional when there is a lump in the breast. They will examine the lump and then it can be diagnosed for cancer. If the lump is cancerous then it must be removed.

A lumpectomy is a procedure of removal of the lump of the breast along with some of the tissue around it. This is removed to protect the breast from the spreading of cancer to the entire breast and to the other parts of the body. Radiation therapy is given post removal of the lump to make sure all cancerous cells have been removed. Lumpectomy depends on the size of the tumor and a medical professional is best suited to take the call as to what surgery needs to be undergone.

This can be a very stressful surgery but the end goal needs to be kept in mind. It is a simple removal in order to prevent future hazardous health issues that can be caused if left untreated. At Melanie Seah Breast specialists the best care is taken of the patient and the patient is provided with the best advice. The medical professionals take the journey to recovery of every patient very seriously and are there for them throughout the recovery.