Benefits of Mammogram Screening

Breast cancer screening through a mammogram is a non-invasive X-ray check to detect breast cancer or any other abnormalities. It can detect cancer at an early stage which can, therefore, help to treat cancer early. Mammograms are very useful and can significantly improve the odds of survival.

That said we will list out the benefits provided by mammogram screening:

  • Mammograms can save lives:

On an average 1 out of 12 women in Singapore gets frequently diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Detecting breast cancer early can help to stop spreading or intensifying it further. Also, the treatment can be started earlier in the course of the disease. Mammogram screening can help to increase the chances of survival. Hence, finding it in an early stage can help save more lives.

  • Mammogram reduces the risk of having to undergo chemotherapy:

Treatment for breast cancer is also possible without chemotherapy. Screening allows detection of cancer at an early stage of development. Detecting early can help to understand whether more frequent or heavy treatment like chemotherapy is required or not. If it isn’t required then the risk of having to undergo chemotherapy can be reduced.

  • It allows women to know the health of their breasts:

Apart from revealing breast cancer or any other abnormalities, mammograms can make women aware of their breast health. Various hospitals and clinics provide breast cancer screening facilities in Singapore. These screening facilities can help by providing health information about breasts through mammography.

  • Mammograms are effective:

Mammograms can typically locate lumps two or three years before a woman can feel them or their healthcare provider discovers them. With many options available in Singapore you can choose the best cancer screening facility to get your diagnosis done. By proper mammogram screening, you can locate the presence of lumps early.

It is unfortunate to suffer from breast cancer but fortunately, from the proper screening and diagnosing one can possibly cure it early. It is therefore important that women make an informed decision to get screened by being aware of the benefits of screening.