Breast Cancer Surgery in Singapore

Breast Cancer treatment and Breast Cancer Surgery in Singapore

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast surgery is commonly the first line of defense in fighting cancer. There are different breast surgeries available.

Lumpectomy or Wide Excision

It is a surgery where only the tumour and a rim of normal tissue is removed from the breast. The surrounding breast tissue is then moved to close the gap that is left by the tumour removal.


This surgery entails removing all of the breast tissue. The wound is closed with stiches and there will not be an open wound  after surgery.

Skin Sparing Mastectomy

In this surgery all of the breast tissue is removed but the breast skin envelope is left behind. Breast reconstruction follows immediately after and the shape of the breast is recreated with either an implant or a tissue flap.

Nipple Sparing Mastectomy

This surgery is similar to a skin sparing mastectomy but in addition to sparing the breast skin envelope the nipple is also spared. It is only suitable in cases where the cancer is not near the nipple and when the breast shape and size allow for it.

Risk reducing mastectomy

This involves removing a breast before it develops cancer. It is usually considered for women at high risk of developing breast cancer such as those who have the BRCA gene.

What are the other forms of Breast Cancer Treatment?


In this treatment, medication is injected directly into the veins or taken in the form of pills. The objective of the medication is to kill a portion of the cancer cells.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is where high-energy rays are used to stop or kill the cancer cells. It most often uses X-rays.

Hormonal Therapy

These are oral tablets. Different types work in different ways. Tamoxifen blocks the cancer cells from reaching to the hormones that they need to survive. Aromatase inhibitors depletes the body of these hormones by blocking its production.

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