My Breast Is Painful. Why?

My breast is painful! Why?

The medical term for this is mastalgia. It may coincide with the monthly menstrual cycle, lasting 2 to 3 days or longer than a week. Some ladies may have pain throughout the month, unrelated to the menstrual cycle. It may be mildly tender or be exquisitely painful to touch and movement.

Fortunately most causes of breast pain are not from cancer. Commonly hormonal fluctuations in the monthly cycle are responsible for most of these pain.

Breast infections, blocked ducts during breastfeeding, usage of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy and even previous breast surgery can contribute to breast pain.

However it is wise to seek attention when:

  • The pain does not go away after a few weeks
  • The pain is worsening
  • The pain is located to a specific part of your breast
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