Dr. Melanie Seah – Singapore’s Leading Breast Specialist

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Dr. Melanie Seah

Consultant Breast Surgeon

She embarked on her medical training with the National University of Singapore in 1995 followed by residency training in General Surgery at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. This subsequently led to Fellowship accreditation in General Surgery by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK.

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About Breast Conditions

I have a breast lump. Is it cancer?

Even with these changes, it may not turn out to be cancer.

My breast is painful! Why?

Fortunately most causes of breast pain are not from cancer.

Why do I have breast lumps?

Fret not, you are not alone

Why should I go for breast cancer screening

1 out of 12 women in Singapore will develop breast cancer in their lifetime

About Breast Procedures

Breast Cancer surgery

Often when breast cancer is discovered early, it is small in size and so it is possible

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Breast core biopsy

A core biopsy is one of the commonest ways to obtain tissue from the lump.

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Hookwire localization
and excision

Hookwire localization is a way to locate these non-palpable lumps/findings, so that it can be excised.

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